This is what we do…

We offer headshots for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It is all about you and you alone, think of us as your brand management - helping you every step of the way to create the best image you have ever had up until this very moment.

We are not here to change your looks, nor are we here to take a snapshot of you. We will build up your confidence, reduce your fears, teach you that you are amazing and totally different to everyone else. We check your clothing, styling, hair, makeup, posture, expression, even your smile. We work with you to obtain that one look that makes you sing out loud amongst a never ending sea of images we see on a daily basis.

We will show you how the world sees you, not the mirror image you see everyday or the distorted selfies you may take with your phone. The true you, the best you, one that brims with confidence, power, lookability and self love, that is what ELM can do for you. Clicking the button to capture the image is only 10% of what we do, another 10% is setting the mood, getting the lighting and equipment right. The rest is psychological.

You are what makes a fantastic headshot, because you are different to everyone else. Your headshot will be one in a billion.

What is a headshot?

When we think of a headshot we think of the actor and entertainer, they were predominantly the only people that required a headshot to progress their careers. They used to always be in black and white and printed on 10x8 card to be handed out at their castings. Times have changed and are continually changing in our digital age.

Now a headshot is used for not just actors, but for entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, schools, colleges, universities and job applications, social media, the list goes on.

A good headshot should show you at your best, the image of your headshot should be the same person that walks in that door for their casting or interview. Not one that is several years old, or has been overly retouched to make you look younger, thinner, or modified to make you someone you are not. It is a true representation of yourself.

A good headshot can set you apart from the rest of the crowd, it looks professional, shows you are taking yourself and your career seriously, it shows your personality, your character, approachability and exhibit that you are someone others will want to meet and work alongside. A headshot is a portrait of your face, nothing should detract from that, 66% of the final image should be your face, the remainder your shoulders and hair. If the background is too fancy, you have a lot of makeup or jewellery on, or you are wearing something that takes the viewer away from your face, then this is not a good headshot. It does not matter if it is in a studio setting, outside or a mix of the two, your personality must be shown using your face alone.

But i’m not photogenic?

No one thinks they are photogenic to start off with! We will help you find your best angles, those that make that bent nose look straighter, the large nose less obvious, the snaggle tooth disappear, your eye difference not so different. These are not photoshop hacks, it is how the camera (and the way you hold yourself) makes you look different by just the slightest of movements.

Can we make you look slimmer I hear you ask, we can photograph you in such a way to make any concerns less obvious, our attention to detail is extreme but that is our job, not yours. You step in front of our camera and we will guide you every step of the way. It is amazing for us to see the difference between first image and the last. The process is fun, exciting and you will leave with a whole new view of yourself, leaving with your head held high, knowing that you are an amazing individual that can be confident in front of the camera and are actually very photogenic.

Can anyone take a headshot?

Yes anyone can take your headshot. There are many photographers out there that will, and they will be a better choice than your mum or friend taking it with their phones.

But a professional headshot is not just a click away, fake smiles, strong moody images, bad lighting, incorrect settings, wrong lens choice, over the top retouching, lacking personality, looking off into the distance for no apparent reason, there are many reasons that your images will lack the impact that a professionally trained headshot photographer will capture for you.

A professional will work with you to get you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, or the opposite could apply, you may need calming down as you are over confident. We work on your angles, your posing, your expressions, to find out what works for you and what does not. It may take a couple of shots or a hundred, everyone is different and everyone that steps in front of our cameras are treated as such. You may be a top model who looks fantastic in every shot, for a professional headshot, your fake smile and go-to looks just don’t cut it, you will need extra time to break bad habits and get a genuine look that is believable.

Why do you charge more than other photographers?

A professional headshot is there to sell you, you have invested years in your chosen field, invested financially in your brand, spent hours working on your LinkedIn pages, your blog, that book that is about to be published, why would you want anything but the best headshot of yourself to promote you to the max?

At ELM, we are fully trained, Headshot specialists. Your headshot can easily open as many doors for you as close them. Your first impression is the one that really matters, you get that wrong and you are going to have to struggle to get that first bad impression of you lifted. Get it right and you hit the ground running. We start by taking the time to work with you to get the right shot, but our work does not stop there. Each and every image is colour corrected and professionally retouched to a very high standard, we do not use mass filtering, each image is retouched separately in-house so we know every image is perfectly suited to you. On average we spend 4-5hrs on a 1 hour headshot session, break that down and you will see we are not that over priced, in fact we are undercutting ourselves.

But we do what we do because we love it, we are passionate about our photography and you, our clients.

I’m an actor, I do not want the studio look!

It has taken the entertainment industry years to move away from black and white portraits to colour, to move away from the the brick wall shot (London look) to a more modern clean, no distraction studio look will take even longer.

Even though we have had the honour of creating headshots for casting directors who prefer the studio look over the older blurred brick wall, there are still agents and casting agencies who disagree.

Do not worry, we can still give you the look you want - just ask! We will still work with you to create the best looks, give you as much care and attention on location as we do in the studio, the only difference is the lighting and lens choice, the outcome will still be a fabulous set of headshots you can use to enhance and progress your career. You can also choose to have both if this you would like the option, again you only have to ask.

Any other questions, just ask away!