This course has been designed in 6 modules, with a new module being released every month. There are no “Right or Wrong” answers to the questions in the modules, they have been designed to make you think, to delve a little deeper into your reasons for modelling and to give the the best possible start/boost to your modelling career

Module 1.jpg

Module 1 e-Book from month 1

i. Why Become a Model?

ii. Is the role of a Model right for you?

iii. Understanding yourself

Module 2.jpg

Module 2 e-Book from month 2

i. Which “Look” are you and what modelling niche is that perfect for?

ii. Preparation for modelling

iii. Modelling for experience

iii. Working Internationally

iv. Runway Modelling

module 3.jpg

Module 3 e-Book from month 3

i. Working with an agency - Finding a good agent

ii. Working with your agent

iii. Going out to work