Portrait Pricing


On location with studio and natural light.


A portrait is the process of capturing a moment of someone, whether this be posed, in the moment, lifestyle, for your business, your product and your brand. A family moment, an event, your loving embrace, an endearing shot of you in the middle of a dance, edgy, detailed shots to show off your hard work as a body builder, any image of a person or persons, which shows an emotional response is a portrait.

Everyone is different, each of you have styles that you like and dislike, from the clean fresh modern look of a white background to the natural light images at the beach. High key, low key images, studio, location or a mix of both. You want striking magazine quality lighting or a more simpler family shot in the forest. YOU tell us what you want and we will help you turn your vision into a reality that will last a lifetime.

Some of you want one image, 5 images, 20 images, digital, print or both. You want them for personal use or for your business, you want a book cover, brochure for your in-house company or a wider advertising reach to be published worldwide, every persons needs are different and this is why we cannot put a fixed price or offer a finalised quote until we understand your full brief and we discuss exactly what you want to achieve.

Whether in studio or on location, the lighting has to be tailored to you, the scene has to be created, your retouching needs may be different to the last person that had the same style. There are so many behind the scene scenarios that we will take into consideration when adjusting our pricing.

Phone us now or send us an email of what you would like to create, if you have a budget don’t be afraid to tell us.

We will work with you to provide the bespoke images you require, and at a competitive price, without any loss of quality -giving you the final product that you deserve and expect.

Portrait pricing starts at £125.00 for up to 1 hour in the studio or on location tell us what you want and we will work with you to get it done.

Lucy HS and Beauty -5.jpg

Clamshell beauty lighting, we can do that too.


Maybe you want that killer beauty shot for your own portfolio? You want to show off your hairdressing skills or your talent as a fantastic Makeup artist, we can do this for you too. No matter the subject, if you need a particular look, just ask.

Clare Taubman-9.jpg

On location with studio lighting.

We will travel to you

We can come to you, your place of work, your home, your gym.

You got that world class body that you have spent years perfecting, why settle for shots captured in your gym with your friends mobile phone when you can have something tailored to your needs? Whether in the studio or at your gym, we can produce what you require to show of all your hard work in images that will inspire others.